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Listener Question
St Berry Hello
n_e_star wrote in storybrookecast
This is the place to suggest listener questions.

"Why did you start to watch OUAT?"
"How did you know that you would continue watching OUAT?"
"Pre-show interviews suggest that Mary Margaret was going to be a nun by referring to her as 'Sister Mary Margaret'; how would that have affected the show as a whole?"
"Do you think that Regina/the Queen is entirely evil?"

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I think a good question would be

Who do you think Sheriff Graham is?

(maybe we could do a poll and see if we're right?)

Other possible questions:

"Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin's character appears to be shrouded in mystery. Is he one of the good guys, or are his intentions of a completely nefarious nature?"

"Time unfroze the instant Emma Swan stepped foot in Storybrooke, Maine. But is she the true heroine of the story? Had Henry not convinced her to stay, do you think that she would have? Could Henry be the real hero?" <-- Will more than likely need to rephrase that. (I am at work currently, so all of this is my mind working quickly to. Apologies.)

I will be back later with more question suggestions.

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