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Fanfic Recs
St Berry Hello
n_e_star wrote in storybrookecast
This is the place for fanfic recs.

Only one fic per comment, nothing over a PG-13/T rating and format thusly:


Title: "Only in My Dreams"
Author: N_E_Star
Link: http://n-e-star.livejournal.com/325246.html
Rec: The author manages to pack a huge amount of feeling into this 200 word story.

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Title: Into the Void
Link: http://abc-onceupon.livejournal.com/23013.html (hope this is public/linkable enough.)
Rec: Regina wants to feel love, but all that remains is empty blackness.

Title: Mirror Mirage
Author: Sarah Rose Serena
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7541081/1/Mirror_Mirage
Rec: Complete with a thickening plot, this author opts for the tale of Snow White, and her growth as both a woman and the hunted.

Title: and all that breath finally free
Author: vega_ofthe_lyre
Link: http://vega-ofthe-lyre.livejournal.com/408233.html
Rec: The author works a wonderful story that is soft and slow and full of moments that make you catch your breath.

James listens for a long moment, till he is sure his friend is gone, and turns back to the page he'd really been reading before Thomas had come in: the account of the birth and christening of the cherished baby girl called Snow White, born to the king of a nearby state. He runs his hand over the crabbed letters of the scribe recounting the death of the queen, her mother, and the king's subsequent grief, fingers lingering on the wishes of the queen before the baby's birth: skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black as ebony. It is a weighty legacy for any child to bear, and he is grateful that his own fairy godmothers bestowed on him no more than the uninspiring but safe gifts of steady temperament and good humour. They've served him well thus far, but to look at what's become of Snow White—

The window clatters open wider, the wind suddenly turning icy. Thoughtfully, James looks out over the forest, and thinks that he might go for that ride tomorrow after all.

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